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Performance Protection

With foam’s natural ability to be flexible and as a reliable shock absorber, it is an ideal material to safely ship and display your products.

All our Polyurethane and Polyethylene packaging products are bespoke and designed to offer a solution tailor-made to fit your product, to ensure it is presented to your customer in the very best possible way.

From visual display packs to singular use products, our range of packaging foam products and fast manufacturing process can turn your ideas into reality to meet the tightest of deadlines.

A vast range of specialist packaging foam including the full Plastazote range of Polyethylene Foam and an ever increasing range of laminates and facings means packaging can be designed to allow your products to stand out or simply match your corporate colour scheme.

Open cell and closed cell foams can be used either independently or as a laminate and processed to form any shape or hold an arrangement of items. With many years’ experience designing and producing foam inserts for high quality case manufacturers we understand the need to provide protection, functionality and flair to your packaging.

For the disposable market, a range of low cost packaging foam, such as profiled Polyurethane, Polyethylene, and reconstituted chipfoams are available.  To provide extra protection for your finished products whilst in transit, packs can be designed to work within your own production processes to provide protection and organisation throughout.

Contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the Home of Foam.