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We have developed a range of materials specifically for the printing, cartridge and cartridge remanufacturing sectors. These foams are designed to help control ink flow both within the product and during shipping.

These foams can be used as inking pads, cartridge foams, inking rollers and to control ink flow throughout the printing process.

Our range of inkjet cartridge foams offers unsurpassed purity, durability, homogenity and ink compatibility and assures even and consistent levels of ink absorption are achieved.

This range of materials can be further enhanced through compression to specified ratios which further helps to increase the number of controlled cells per component.

These foams can be cut to any dimension or turned into inking rollers to your own specification.

A range of sealing composites has also been developed to ensure the cartridge retains its quality throughout shipping and storage. Used as clip pads they seal the ink outlet and are produced to exacting tolerances to ensure they do not damage the cartridge.

The Filtration Solutions brochure, available from Foam Techniques, provides a good sized sample and a degree of technical data which makes it the specifier’s guide for Reticulated Foams. Either download a PDF version or contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the Home of Foam.