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Gasketing Foam

Foam Techniques offers an increasing range of flexible sealing and gasketing materials including, EPDM, Silicone Sponge, Nitrile PVC, Neoprene, Polyethylene and polyurethane foams. This range of materials ensures that the right product can be specified for the right application.

To ensure a reliable seal is achieved the materials in the range have been chosen for their cell structure and technical performance. For sealing applications no one material will be fit for every application and in many cases the more expensive material is not always a guarantee that it provides the required performance.

The range of materials is therefore key to ensuring the right grade is specified for the right application. In many cases it is then equally important to ensure any adhesive is suited to the specific application and from our range of high performance adhesive solutions the ideal composite can be formulated.

Our extensive range of foam and rubber gasket and sealing materials help us supply a customer base covering many sectors of industry as well as many well-known household names.

These sectors include Automotive - Aerospace - Electronics - Building and Construction - General Engineering - Consumer - White goods - Defence - Glazing

From small batches to large volume runs, our automated plant can be quickly tooled up to produce parts from any of our specialised and comprehensive range of foam and rubber gasket or seal materials.

Our specialised automated equipment can manufacture parts in a variety of formats. Kiss-cut parts can be produced in roll form, thus making the removal of self-adhesive release paper simpler and improving your production times. Foam and Rubber Gasket materials can also be supplied in roll-form with a variety of widths, or die-cut to your exacting standards.

The Sealing Solutions brochure, available from Foam Techniques provides a good sized sample and a degree of technical data which makes it the specifiers guide for Sealing Foams. Either download a PDF version or contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the Home of Foam.