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Filtration Foam

Our extensive range of reticulated filter foams has been developed to meet the highest standards. Produced to exacting standards, repeatability and control of the cellular structure ensure filtration levels are maintained throughout the life cycle of the filter unit.

A process known as reticulation is where the magic happens and what provides the open and breathable structure that makes reticulated foam such a flexible filtration medium.

Filtration foams are polyurethane based with either a polyester or polyether polyol. Manufacturing to tight tolerances ensures a regular and homogenous cell structure.  The process is controlled to such an extent that even the variable weather temperature is taken into consideration.

Our range of filtration foams can be used in their natural state or can be further enhanced through impregnation or used as carrier materials for more complex filtration applications.

Specified by their PPI count the range spreads from a very open 8ppi through to a very fine 110ppi, while special formulations provide enhanced performance for specific applications such as HME Filters or Inkjet cartridges.

  • Oil & Mist Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Water Filters
  • Separation Filters
  • Cooking Filters
  • Tobacco Filters
  • Odour Filters
  • Gas Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
  • Self Supporting Filters
  • Respiratory Filters
  • High performance car and motorcycle filters

The Filtration Solutions brochure, available from Foam Techniques provides a good sized sample and a degree of technical data which makes it the specifier’s guide for Filtration Foams. Either download a PDF version or contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the Home of Foam.