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Using hydrophilic polyester and polyether foams we produce quality consumer products that have excellent absorption and retention capabilities.

Particular attention is paid to important features such as absorption capacity, wipe characteristics and tear resistance. We produce sponge foam for a huge variety of consumer applications, such as:

  1. Household cleaning sponges
  2. Bathroom cleaning sponges
  3. Car cleaning sponges
  4. Specialist Cleaning Applicator Sponges

Product appearance is also very important, such as special pore structure and colouring, our foams can be further enhanced through the lamination of fabrics to the foams such as scouring nylons, silver nylon, chamois leather etc.

Environmental considerations are playing a greater part in consumers’ habits and we work closely with our customers to offer recycled products.

Foam Techniques also offers Basotect V3012 with its eraser like cleaning properties, and as with the whole range this can be converted to meet your own specification.

Contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the Home of Foam.