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Bespoke Foam

At Foam Technique we are always on the lookout for UFOs which are a vital part of our future. We are not though looking for life on Mars, to us a UFO is an Unidentified Foam Opportunity.

Foam is already used in many applications, as our website shows, but its technical properties and the ever-increasing range means it has applications far beyond those already identified. As a business we specialise in supporting inventors and designers in identifying products which will help them in creating the products of tomorrow. Our rapid prototyping facility, range and variety of foam grades supported by vast stocks mean we can quickly prototype products and undertake feasibility studies to enable your ideas to become a reality.

Foam is far more than a cushion, it is used in products we use every day without ever knowing it is there, from the moment you wake up on your Visco-elastic mattress, wash your face, turn on the kettle and get in your car you have already come across many different applications which use foam.

If you have a UFO then we want to hear from you, contact the Home of Foam today and talk to our sales team to report your UFO!