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Acoustic Foam

Foam Techniques offers a wide range of acoustic insulation products specifically designed to absorb and reduce sound transmission. Used widely to insulate machinery, building and vehicles the Foam Techniques Sound Solutions range incorporates a range of Polyurethane and Melamine open cell foam as well as the Whisper Polyethylene range of acoustic materials.

Sound, and more importantly the control and reduction of sound plays an important part in not only the design and development of a product but also the end users purchase decision, a quiet machine is widely considered to be a quality machine. The requirements of legislation and the expectations of customers therefore increase the need to manage and control sound.

Open cell Polyurethane foam are available in a range of density’s, but all polyurethane foam is not the same so our Acoustic grades are specifically engineered and chosen for their homogeneous and consistent cell structure, while also ensuring they achieve high levels of fire performance. The grades are widely used within industrial and automotive applications, where specific features such as low smoke and low out gassing can be chemically engineered into the products to meet globally recognised standards. Through further processing Polyurethane foam can be impregnated to achieve Class 0 Fire performance, making it suitable for use in construction applications and where the highest levels of fire performance are required such as in Generator Cabinets and Air Conditioning Units.

BASF’s Melamine foam further enhances the range. Being extremely light weight, Basotect is used widely to produce acoustic baffles and being Class O means it is ideal for construction applications and is used in ceiling panels. With Basotect G and Basotect V3012 being the most widely used products, the Basotect family is further enhanced by the thermo formable Basotect TG and Basotect UL with its improved elasticity for applications such as rail seating.

The addition of Whisper to the range provides a high performance acoustic material with the added benefit of being water resistant. Whisper is a closed cell polyethylene foam which has cells that are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process, resulting in a highly efficient sound absorption material. Whisper is ideal for applications where regular contact with water is likely or where the need to be able to clean down the acoustic face is of benefit.

As well as the base materials a range of facing and laminates can be added to further enhance their acoustic and aesthetic appearance. Lamination of foils, films and spray coatings can provide additional performance characteristics including heat and moisture resistance. Fabric and vinyl facing can be added to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and all products can be supplied with one of our range of high performance adhesive products to aid installation.

The Foam Techniques Acoustic Solutions Range of products can be supplied in sheet and roll form, or cut to your specific requirements. The Acoustic Solutions brochure, available from Foam Techniques provides a good sized sample and a degree of technical data which makes it the specifies guide for Acoustic Foams. Either download a PDF version or contact our sales team today to discuss your foam requirements and gain access to a world of foam at the home of foam.