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What is Firesealâ„¢?

Fireseal™ is an open cell Polyurethane foam which, through a process of impregnation is coated to provide a higher level of fire performance than can be achieved in the production process of un-impregnated Polyurethane foam. Fireseal™ further benefits from the inclusion of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives, added during the impregnation stage of its production.  Manufactured by the global foam producer Carpenter in the UK, the product offers a number of benefits over other impregnated Class O foams.  Fireseal™ is the base material referred to as FT70/O within Foam Techniques range. Manufactured in the UK on one of Europe’s most advanced foam linings, Carpenters offer the technical support and testing to ensure full compliance for each and every batch of material.

Widely used in construction and within duct work the material is supplied in sheets, rolls or cut to specific shapes.

Why Fireseal™ (FT70/O Class O Foam)?

As a result of Carpenters focus on producing high quality products, Fireseal™ (FT70/O Class O Foam) has been tested to many standards to support it’s use in applications, ensuring not only the acoustic performance but also its safety in application.

The products acoustic absorption co-efficient is typical of many cellular materials, the materials high density increases the products deadening performance, the high mass further helps to reduce vibration supporting the products use in metal cabinets and duct work.

A key feature of the product is its high flammability results over a wide range of test criteria, this making it suitable for use in applications where fire safety is a paramount consideration.

Flammability Results

European Fire Test                                          EN 13501 -1                         B S1 D0

Fire Propagation                                              BS476 pt 6                           <12

Surface spread of flame                                   BS476 pt 7                          Class “1”

Building Regs 1991 (Fire Safety)                     BS467 pt 6 & 7                    Class “O”

UL 94 Classification                                          UL 94                                  94 V-0

Surface Burning Behaviour                          ASTM E84-95                      Class A

Fireseal™ (FT70/O Class O Foam) has also been tested to ensure compliance to standards specific to its end application.

Applicational Test Results

Fungus Resistance                                           ASTM g 21-96                     Does not support growth

Mildew (Fungus) Resistance                       ASTM D-2020-92               Does not support growth

Air Erosion Resistance (4001-6000 FPM    ASTM C1071-05 12.7       Pass

Water Vapour Sorption                                ASTM C553-92                <9%

Thermal Conductivity                                   ASTM C518-04               0.3824 Btu-in/hr-ft2-°F  

Corrosiveness (galvanised steel)                 ASTM C665-95               Pass

Hot Surface Performance @ 100°C 96hr     ASTM C411-04               Pass

With Carpenters and Foam Techniques total quality commitment you can be assured that the products meets the standard every time.


Manufacturing with FT70/O Class O Foam

Carpenters have long been a strategic partner of Foam Techniques, Fireseal™ forms part of Foam Techniques, Acoustic Solutions range of materials and has is referenced by our FT 70/O product designation.

Fireseal™ (FT70/O) can be cut to any shape, the only limitation is that unlike other Polyurethane foams and as a result of the impregnation process it has limited thickness of 100mm.  Further thickness can be achieved through lamination and the product can be used as part of a composite with other materials.  FT70/O can also be faced with a range of laminates to improve performance or add a decorative finish.

When supplied with one of our high quality adhesive, products manufactured from FT70 are quick and simply fitted into position, our adhesives range ensures there is a fixing for almost any surface, as with any lamination the surface needs to be clean and dry.

What Next?

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