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What is Basotect?

Bastotect® is the generic name for a range of open cell foams made from melamine resins by BASF.

The most widely used of the Basotect® grades, used in industrial and construction applications.


Basotect® G+

Basotect® G+ replaces Basotect® G, It retains all the acoutsic and thermal properties of the original product but through ongoing product development meets the current human ecology requirements of the Oko-Tex® standard 100 in product class II for textiles and direct skin contact.

Basotect® V3012             

The original white product is used in many consumer applications, its slightly abrasive properties means Basotect® V3012 is used as a household cleaner without the need for additional cleaning agents, it is commonly referred to as an Eraser.

Basotect® TG    

Enhances the processing possibilities of the Basotect® range by making it Thermo formable, being used widely in automotive applications.

Basotect® UF    

With a slightly stronger feel and with increased flexibility it can make installation of parts into difficult areas easier.

Basotect® UL    

UL stand for Ultra-Light, even lighter than the rest of the family it’s widely used in the aviation sector were weight reduction offers a dramatic pay back over product life cycle.

Basotect® W     

The advanced version of the Basotect® V3012, offering even more effective cleaning and with a whiter finish.

Why Basotect?

The Basotect® family of products, in comparison to other flexible products are low in weight yet offer high levels of Flame resistance without the addition of flame retardants. Basotect® meets the most important international fire safety standards with its long-term resistance to high temperatures and excellent fire characteristics a result of the melamine resin used. The high nitrogen content of the resin is responsible for the extremely flame-resistant property of the foam without the need to use fire retardants. Basotect is a thermoset, and thus, in the event of a fire, the material does not melt or produce burning droplets when it comes into contact with flames. The foam simply chars and produces a small amount of smoke, and there is no afterglow, making Basotect particularly suitable for applications with high fire safety requirements. In tests on the fire characteristics required to meet national and international standards, Basotect achieves the highest classification possible for organic materials

Basotect® exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties, offering application temperature up to 240°C and down to -120°C, with constant physical properties over the wide temperature range and remaining flexible at low-temperatures.

Basotect® through its structure offers high sound absorption properties, its open-cell surface guarantees that sound waves are not reflected as an echo but can penetrate the cell structure unhindered. The sound energy is reduced in the cell structure, giving Basotect an excellent sound absorption capacity. At low frequencies, improved sound can be achieved, by adding layers of a heavier materials.

Basotects® make up provides abrasiveness and offers an excellent cleaning effect without the need for any other chemical cleaning agents.

A further benefit of Basotects® highly cross-linked structure is it’s resistant to all organic solvents. Basotect® is produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants or toxic heavy metals. Basotect does not contaminate water and the supplied product is free of blowing agents.

Solutions with Basotect reduce the weight of the components, thus contributing to energy savings and to a reduction in emissions in transportation applications.  Basotect is also highly absorbent and can be used to absorb and hold liquids in application.

Manufacturing with Basotect®

At Foam Techniques we specialise in manufacturing components to customer specifications from flexible materials.  Basotect® forms part of our Acoustic Solutions range of products and can be cut and formed into almost any shape.  Through lamination it can be incorporated in to a composite or faced to improve and add performance.

When used as part of a composite with other material from the Acoustic Solutions range, further highbred laminates can be configured to enhance further the specific properties of each material to meet the bespoke needs of any application.

When supplied with one of our high quality adhesive, products manufactured from Basotect® can be quickly and simply fitted into position, our adhesives range ensures there is a fixing for almost any surface, as with any lamination the surface needs to be clean and dry.

What Next?

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